What Is Live Printing?

    I provide a selection of hand carved rubber blocks or hand painted screens and the ink and will print on any clean item you bring me for a small fee per block or screen. 

    What Kind of Ink Do You Print With?

    I use Speedball's Fabric Relief and Screen Inks for live printing! Speedball makes wonderfully pigmented and long lasting inks, provided proper care is given to the printed item. 

    What Will You Print On?

    Anything clean and preferably flat! Natural fibers work best, such as cotton, linen, denim, canvas, etc. 
    I cannot print on nylon and don't recommend polyester as the ink needs to be heat set to last. 

    What WON'T You Print On?

    Anything wet, dirty, super wrinkly, or something you're wearing directly against your body, like a shirt or bra, particularly during the summer. I won't print on an item that already has another artist's work on it already, out of respect for their time and skills. 

    How much does it cost?

    Print costs depend on the size and number of blocks or screens used to print your custom item. 

    Screen prints are typically $10 - $15 per print (each time the screen is reinked and printed counts as a print). 

    Your first two blocks for $10 or the first six for $25, with every additional block after six being priced at $4 each

    *There is a $5 cleaning fee per additional ink color*

    What if I buy a shirt from you?

    The price of the shirt includes your first screen or block print(s)! If you want more than one screen or 6 blocks printed on your shirt, the print pricing above applies. 

    You Didn't Heat Set My Item...

    If your item cannot be heat set at the time of printing, I will wrap it in butcher paper so the ink does not transfer to your clothes, bag, car, etc. until you're able to heat set it yourself. 

    See the "How Do I Heat Set My Garment" section for directions!

    How Do I Heat Set My Garment?

    If your garment was not heat set at the time of printing (this may or may not be available due to electricity access during events), there are a couple of options to heat set your garment after the 7-day air curing window.  

    1. Place a piece of parchment paper on top of the ink and iron it for three minutes on each side (front and inside) at the highest setting the fabric can handle. Make sure you check your tag before ironing to avoid any burning or shrinkage. 

    2. Put it in the dryer by itself on the highest setting the fabric can handle for at least 20 minutes. 

    3. If you have a heat gun, set it to the highest setting your fabric can handle and keep it in motion for at least 3 minutes (do not let it stay over one area for too long or the ink may burn). If you see "smoke" or smell "burning" and you've kept the gun in motion - don't panic! This is just the moisture from the ink evaporating, it is not burning. Unless you've stayed in the same spot for too long. 

    How Do I Care For My Garment?

    Machine wash cold with like colors (once your garment has been heat set) and tumble dry low or air dry your garment for longer lasting vibrancy!