How Does This Work?

When you purchase a "Commission Deposit" from my Shop, leave a note in the check out with your idea for this commission (please try to be as specific as possible, such as, "I want you to use a photograph of my family at a barbecue and turn us into space cats/bunnies." or "I want to turn my DnD group's character descriptions into a small print edition for each player."). 

I will email you to discuss your concept further so I can provide you with an estimate for your commission. Then I'll begin working on the initial sketch for your custom print after our exchange. Once I've completed the first sketch, I will email you a photo of it and wait for your approval before I begin carving the block. 

What Is The Deposit For?

Your deposit goes toward the initial email conversation regarding your commission concept, any research I may need to conduct, and the initial sketch. The deposit goes toward the final cost of your commission. 

What If I Don't Like the Initial Sketch?

Please bear in mind that the sketch is meant to be a rough draft and the final product will look much closer to the work on my site and Instagram in regards to quality of line, shading, detail, etc. 

If my interpretation of your concept doesn't quite live up to the expectations you've built in your mind, please let me know what changes you'd like to see and I'll do my best to accommodate them. If something is outside my skill set (ie, I don't think I will be able to accurately carve something the way you're describing), I'll let you know and won't begin working on the block until you give me the go-ahead. 

How many times will you rework my initial sketch?

I will rework the initial sketch twice without an additional fee. Your deposit guarantees our initial consult and sketch while also paying me for the time it may take to research a specific feature of your concept. 

*For each additional rework of the original sketch there is a $25 fee.

What are my ink options?

Estimates provided during the consultation phase of the commission are for black and white prints. If you have a specific color request or want more than one color (see below for examples), please let me know so I can provide you with an accurate estimate. 

Multi-block prints will take longer to dry due to additional layers of ink on the paper. 

How Long Will This Take?

Each commission is different and the timing will be dependent on the size and needs of your request (ie, size of the block(s), number in the edition, number of layers of ink for multi-block, etc). I will email you at least once a week with updates when applicable and will make sure you are aware of any delays in progress due to time or materials. 

I am an adjunct professor from August to May and will not be available to devote any time to your commission (including communication) on Mondays and Wednesdays. Commission requests received during the academic year will take more time to complete as I need to maintain a balance between my studio practice and my students. 

Why do you only have three commission slots available?

Balance is incredibly important in a studio setting, particularly as an adjunct professor. I am limiting the number of commission requests to maintain that balance and leave space for my own studio work in addition to grading, teaching, and prepping for classes. 

You sent me a picture of your carving progress and I want to change something...

If the area in question has already been carved, changes cannot be made. Once the material has been removed from the matrix I cannot put it back. 

If you want to add something to an area that hasn't been carved yet and didn't mention it during the sketching phase of the process, there will be an additional fee ($10-$25 depending on the size of the change). 

How will my prints arrive?

Depending on the number of prints you've commissioned I may build a box or use a preexisting one. All orders will ship via USPS unless you've arranged for local pick-up. I will take care to ensure each print remains flat and is enclosed in a plastic sleeve to prevent any damage from inclement weather. 

Do you provide framing services?

I only offer framing services for local pick-up orders and will only do so with an additional fee (which includes the price of the frames). Any frames used for local orders will be prefab frames from Ikea or Michael's unless you provide them yourself. 

My prints were damaged in transit, now what?

If your prints arrived damaged (torn, crumpled, etc), please take a photo of the damage and email it to me. I will assess the damage and either reprint your commission or tell you how to fix the damage (in the event of minor damage). 

I cannot reprint commissions without photo evidence of the damage. 

What happens to the block when my commission is finished?

I will hold on to the block until I know your prints have arrived safely (so I can reprint if necessary). If you would like for me to ink and paint the block for framing, please let me know and I will do so for an additional fee. 

If You Have Additional Questions

Shoot me an email!