The Order of Hypnales series is an exploration of my own memory of moments in the forests near my home. Such vast landscapes contained in the most intimate of woodland spaces, a fissure in a rock, the openings in the outer bark of great trees: moss. To explore these lush green spaces all one must do is lean in and look. Even in cities, the cushion mosses filling the gaps of sidewalks and brick walls bring oases of dense moisture and life. As a nearsighted individual, I crave the nuances of the mundane, which remain hidden from me without the use of visual aids. Using detail to highlight detail, I ask the audience to become more aware of the minutiae in the mundane. My work invites the eye to find pleasure in seeking out the many facets of each monotype collage. The delicate line etching contrasting with the intensity of each monotype background, softened by the gampi overlays echoes the gentle presence of moss in a forest. Each print opens to the backing paper through carefully considered cutouts, as paths through trees reveal themselves to the observant wanderer.